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What College and More, Inc. Offers

College and More, Inc. offers professional educational counseling that is designed to help students find the best college “match”. The challenge is two-fold: knowing the abilities, interests, and goals of the student and the defining attributes of individual colleges. College and More, Inc. offers this kind of strategic and in-depth counseling. Our approach is both professional and personal, using our expertise and knowledge of colleges to put together a customized college list that yields excellent college acceptances.


Comprehensive College Counseling (grades 9-12) to include:

  • Advising on academic courses, extracurricular activities and summer enrichment
  • Working with the student and parents to build a customized college list
  • Planning the standardized test schedule (PSAT, SAT I, SAT II and ACT)
  • Setting up college visits and arranging what to do on campus
  • Conducting one-on-one mock admissions interviews
  • Offering strategies for the personal essay and completing college applications
  • Evaluating financial aid packages and merit scholarships
  • Providing feedback on making the final college choice

The Preliminary Session

At this time, we discuss the students' secondary school program ( i.e. transcript, standardized testing, extracurricular activities, job experience etc.,) and college interests and goals. At the conclusion of the meeting, we prepare the preliminary college list of approximately 10 to 12 colleges which seem best suited to the interests of the student.

  • We put the student at the center of the college admissions process with parents as an integral part of the team
  • Our approach is holistic based on abilities, interests, and goals
  • We develop a customized college list for each student
  • We create a strategic plan to assure good college acceptances
  • We provide guidelines for each stage of the process
  • We help students meet these objectives by counseling on course selection, college visits, interviews standardized testing, and the completion of the college applications, including the personal essay
  • We offer workshops for parents about their role in the process and ways in which they can help their son or daughter achieve success

Individualized Sessions

The subsequent sessions are done one-on-one with the student to discuss planning college visits, scheduling standardized testing, researching college websites, preparing college applications etc. Parents may also schedule sessions to discuss additional issues such as finding merit scholarships. Many families prefer to work with College and More, Inc. in the junior and senior years; however, some prefer to begin earlier to do more long-range planning in terms of course selection beginning in the ninth and tenth grades.

Dr. Gay Stebbins Pepper, Founder and Director

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