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Weathering the College Admissions Process: What High School Parents Need to Know
The parents of college-bound students are often confused by the highly competitive college admission process. These twenty basic questions are answered in a talk by Dr. Pepper to help parents clarify their childs needs and goals and define their role in the college process.

Question 1.       What is the first question I should ask?

Question 2.       What's best for my child - a liberal arts college, or a large university?

Question 3.
       Are there other college models I should consider?

Question 4.       How do I compare the academic strengths of one college to another?

Question 5.       How do I measure the quality of life at a college or university?

Question 6.       How do I evaluate the quality of the undergraduate experience?

Question 7.       How do I judge my child's chance of acceptance at a particular college?

Question 8.       Do character and community service count?  Or is it all about numbers?

Question 9.       My child is a brilliant pianist. Can that make a difference?

Question 10.     What about students who have other talents - dance, writing, art, sports?

Question 11.     What if my child has a strength that does not appear on the transcript?

Question 12.     How important are standardized tests?  What tests do the colleges require?

Question 13.     What is the best time for my child to take the standardized tests?

Question 14.     What should my role in the college selection process be?

Question 15.
      Are there some things I should not do?

Question 16.     How can I learn more about financial aid in meeting college expenses?

Question 17.     With college costs spiraling, what strategies can help reduce my costs?

Question 18.     What changes are colleges making to reduce tuition costs?


A Team Approach: Roles and   Responsibilities

The Information Session: 20 Questions Parents Need to Ask.
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