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The College Planning Calendar for Parents of High School Students
Alert for Seniors and Parents

For Rising Seniors, Call on College and More, Inc. for:

•   Drafting, Writing, and Polishing the Personal Essay for College
•   Completing the Common Application and College Supplements
•   Learning Effective Interview Strategies
•   Knowing What to Communicate to Your Admissions Reader

For Parents, Call on College and More, Inc. for:

•   Planning the College Visits: What to Do and Who to See
•   Asking Important Questions at the Campus Information Session
•   Finding Colleges Which Offer Major Merit Scholarships
•   Understanding More About Financial Aid Programs and Practices
•   Learning How You Can Help Your Child in the College Process
Meet with the college counselor or academic advisor to discuss course selection over the next four years to assure academic rigor
Design a four year academic program that builds on your child’s natural abilities and personal interests
Encourage your child to get involved in leadership roles and extracurricular activities that build on strengths and interests
Select 10th grade courses that are most rigorous in areas of strength; ask if there are any SAT II tests that should be taken in the spring
Plan summer enrichment such as a language program abroad, community service, camp, or a summer job
Ninth Grade
Tenth Grade
Encourage your child to take the PSAT or P-ACT in early October as a practice exam to identify areas of strength and weakness
Make sure you child is focusing on doing a few activities well and not trying to do too much; the key is depth of commitment
Plan courses for the junior year and determine what, if any, standardized testing should be done in the spring
Eleventh Grade
Make sure you child is taking the most rigorous courses in areas of strength
Have your child review for the PSAT or P-ACT ; take the test in early October; these scores determine the National Merit winners
Meet with the college guidance counselor to review your childs test results in December to decide  which standardized tests to take in the spring; be sure to have a clear sense of the dates to take the SAT I or ACT and the SAT II
Attend College Night to get an overview of the college process
Meet with the college guidance counselor to review your childs academic profile and begin to put together the preliminary college list
Research financial aid (if appropriate) and learn about the difference between the CSS Profile (non  federal financial aid given by colleges) and FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);research merit scholarships
Begin to plan college visits based on the preliminary college list
Research summer programs offered at different colleges, study abroad, community service opportunities, internships and jobs
Complete the college visits during the summer with the idea that your child can return to visit colleges in the fall when they are in session
Encourage your son or daughter to prepare any videotape. audiotapes, or art portfolios, if appropriate
Senior Year
Finalize college list: decide whether to apply early or regular decision
Have your child complete any additional standardized testing in the fall
Make sure that your son or daughter attends meetings with the college representatives who visit the school during the fall
Make sure that your child is “on schedule” for completing the application to meet all deadlines
Register and file for the CSS/ Financial Aid PROFILE form (if appropriate) for nonfederal financial aid (
Complete FAFSA form with estimated numbers; forms can be updated after taxes are filed and submitted any time after January 1st
Make sure that all application materials have been received by the colleges, including the two teacher recommendations.
Plan to visit colleges that have offered letters of acceptance. Students need to make a final decision and submit the Reply Card and deposit to this college on May 1st. This completes the college process.
   “GAP” Year Resources for Taking Time Off
   before College

Planning Your Gap Year by Nick Vandome
    The Gap Year Book by Joe Bindloss
    The Gap Year Advantage: Helping Your Child by Karl Haigler
    Taking Time Off by Colin Hall (Princeton Review)
    Taking A Gap Year by Susan Griffith
    Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffith

    Web Sites

    GAP Program Planners

    Center for Interim Programs
    Time Out Associates
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